shopper fabric handle

Shopping Bag/Paper/FABRIC HANDLE Luxury Product

paper shopping bag, handcrafted. Reinforcement where the handles and bottom are positioned to ensure excellent resistance and quality. Cord, cotton, satin and tape handles, four knots or glued

shopper in carta manici in tessuto - Raso lucido


we use Satin ribbons (opaque – polished), Herringbone Tapes in Cotton or Synthetic.

They can be embedded in pre-cut openings (four knots), or glued inside cardboard reinforcement. They are available in a variety of sizes, diameters, and colours to better fit the Shopper.



possiamo utilizzare Carte Patinate, Gommate, Riciclate, Accoppiate, Cartoncini Nobili, Colorati o Metallizzati, Lisci o Goffrati meglio con grammature piuttosto alte.


we make this type of product with high-definition Offset print.  Surface finishes such as Plastifications (glossy, opaque, scratch-proof), UV serigraphy, Hot Printing (gold, silver or coloured), Embossed, Protective paints, Inside prints are indicated (see link).

It is possible to add a central Eyelet (see link) to create “gift packages”.


PAPER SHOPPING BAG   ready to deliver 

shopper in carta manici in tessuto -cotone - pronta consegna-

choose from different models always available in stock. You can customize it with your logo or your graphics, even for small quantities. For more information on costs, formats, timing, quantities .. etc etc visit WWW.BUSTEMILANO.IT

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