Shopper/Paper/ FINISHINGS   details make a difference

shopper in carta manici fettuccia spigata - stampa interna - asola

the internal customisation and on the bottom reinforcement of the shopper is increasing. Often a soft, thin exterior is combined with a vibrant, brightly coloured inside.

The reinforcement on the bottom, from a simple cardboard turns into a communication tool where it is possible to leave messages (for example to thank someone or for occasions…) that are discovered only after opening and emptying the shopper.

for the “details make a difference” series, a simple “hole” at the centre of the handles transforms a bag into a “gift box”.

alternating elements in transparent paint with opaque details creates a sophisticated effect of  Ton sur Ton semitransparency.

it is a film applied on paper, in addition to the aesthetic function, it protects the paper making it waterproof, the colour is unaltered over time and improves texture.

Plasticising can be glossy (with a smooth touch and the print colours are brighter), opaque (with a velvety feel, the colours are softer), scratch-resistant (greater scratch resistance and it can be printed later).

lamination consists in a silver or gold film to create different grades of shine. (Often used on wine labels).

embossing is a mechanical process to impress a texture on the paper to simulate other surfaces such as leather and wood. Embossing can have a striped, stripped, diamond texture or one of your choice.

the hot print is able to make any product precious and it is one of the most appreciated ennobling techniques. The laminate film exalts logos and wordings and it can be opaque or glossy metallised in gold, silver and other colours.

It can be matched to the Embossed Print

the embossed print makes a product particularly elegant and refined, as well as being rather perceptible to the touch.

Particularly suitable for monograms, logos, and decorations such as edges and frames, it creates a very elegant effect in matching tones.

This technique can be matched to the Hot print.

SHOPPER CARTA  pronta consegna

shopper in carta manici in tessuto -cotone - pronta consegna-

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