laminate non-woven shopper

Shopper/Fabric/ LAMINATE NON-WOVEN shopper

The non woven shopper matched to a plastic film, becomes laminated, therefore more resistant and waterproof

shopper in TNT laminato lucido


during the production process, the carrier bag is matched to a plastic film that reinforces it and makes it waterproof.

The laminating process can be opaque or shiny. Mechanically produced, they are a valid and cheap alternative when made in large quantities.



a great choice of colours (background) and sizes, it is possible to have a flat bottom with gussets and reinforced square bottom.

Stitched or welded with the possibility of a die-cut bean handle, 40 or 60 cm tape, cotton or synthetic cord.

Customised with high resolution flexographic printing that allows creating very defined photo prints.

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